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We live in a world where everything is experience, from the experience of walking through a city, to the consumer experience across brand touchpoints, to the narrative experience told across mediums.

Developing a continuous experience with emerging technology requires understanding the strategic context, designing for engagement, and developing robust systems and user architectures to support responsiveness. Rachel draws from these skills to inform the creation of narrative, brand, and product experiences.


Skills Rachel provides:

Using research and data analysis to build a strategic picture for brand development and market positioning.


Defining the content-product continuum for brands and developing complementary content and product ecosystems across mediums: in-store, online, Web3, and more.


Crafting a plan for deployment of product and content that builds on consumer engagement and develops fans and communities over time.


A project to use big data to help a tech brand and an apparel company identify new consumer segments

A project to help a brand build a responsive product creation pipeline informed by data on community interests

A project to develop a Web3 experience ecosystem to help apparel brands develop a continuous brand and product experience for consumers

A strategy project to position ecommerce and product as the extension of narrative for an experience company

A project to help an educational institution develop new product offerings based on emergent trends


Skills Rachel provides:

Developing worlds that support franchise narratives across mediums, and creating strategic plans for audience building and engagement across content properties.

Designing spatial and volumetric worlds that support user engagement.

Developing frameworks that enable the creation of nonlinear/ emergent/ responsive/ computational narratives and gameplay from the intersection of world systems and character roles.

Providing narrative writing, design, and direction, and overseeing the creative direction and technical development of assets and worlds.

Developing methodologies for monetizing and distributing content that build on narrative, and enable co-creation with fans.


A worldbuilding project to experiment with new media production pipelines centered on virtual production

A project to help an entertainment studio identify primary types of fan engagement for a franchise property

A project to develop VR narratives and interactivity that support therapeutic interventions

A project to help an entertainment channel develop transmedia narratives to engage millennial and Gen-Z audiences

A project to develop the underlying narrative and core mechanics for an alternate reality game

A project to explore new forms of VR scripting for a horror piece with MxR studio


Skills Rachel provides:

Using research and the intersection of systems and human perspectives to inform the design of product, place, and platform experiences for immersive, spatial and ambient mediums.

Developing tools for the design of responsive experiences that account for unique user input.

Using systems design and design thinking to design user stories and journey maps for distributed product ecosystems.


Developing the underlying systems and user architectures that support these experiences.


A project to develop systems for tracking users within a phygital experience and delivering contextual content

A collaboration with an architecture studio to develop the design and flow of a community center

A project to design a sustainable experiential program and flow for a micro city in Japan

A strategy and design project for a hardware platform to support immersive viewing
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